Coach's Reserve CBD Oil - The Best Amongst the Rest

Coach's Reserve CBD Oil - The Best Amongst the Rest

April 10, 2019

You should know why any product claims to be better than their competition, but most don’t tell you why beyond “we have higher quality products” or “our product is more effective” without any real explanation. Well, we’re here to differentiate ourselves from the same old blow-joe competitors out in the CBD industry—we actually want you to know why we think our products are the best.


Our Basic Process—Transparent and Stringent

What’s the sourcing process for all of our CBD products? Well there are a few steps to this. First, we have to source our CBD flower and oil from reputable farmers and processors. For both our CBD flower and oil, all of our product comes from industrial hemp farms in Northern California. The only suppliers we use have come from existing relationships that our principals have in the industry so that we only purchase the raw materials for our products from trusted sources. Unlike our competition, we aren’t out there buying our product form any joe-schmo grower, farmer, or processor offering to sell CBD flower or oil to us.

Second, we only buy product on the condition that an independently generated certificate of analysis (a really fancy word for a potency test) shows that the product truly is industrial hemp and falls below the Federal and California threshold of containing no more than 0.3% THC. Without this type of condition placed on our purchase, we wouldn’t know what we purchased until its too late. What you’ll commonly see in the industry is just this—competitors purchase their “industrial hemp” blindly without running a potency test, and then end up with product that contains THC levels beyond that allowed under Federal and California law. When this happens, those same competitors have to waste time and incur extra costs to return the product which are ultimately passed off to you, the customer. There are even some guys out there who just package the product up without any further tests and sell it to their customers—is that really the product you want to buy?


The Quality of Our CBD Oil--Coach's Slugger CBD Vape Pen

Generally, what you’ll see in the industry is that CBD oil used for vape pens is formulated and created using medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). MCT is commonly used due to its low price point and ease of access, however, it has negative consequences when it is repeatedly heated and cooled. With the repeated heating and cooling, the MCT break down into free-radical fatty acids which are not healthy for us to consume. Additionally, MCT’s low stability can also cause unwanted chemical reactions which changes the oils flavor and ultimate potency for the user.

Sounds like a big problem, right? Well there is a solution to this, and that’s why we use oil that has been formulated with triethyl citrate (TEC). Unlike MCT, TEC is very stable and doesn’t degrade in quality when it undergoes repeated heating and cooling. Additionally, it helps to retain a higher CBD potency in our oil and helps to prevent the CBD from crystallizing out of the solution before the product is fully consumed—this brings you, the ultimate customer, a higher quality taste and an end experience when using the Coach’s Reserve CBD oil-based products.


Our Flavoring

After the industrial hemp flower is processed into a combination of CBD isolate and distillate, it is brought into our formulation lab and is mixed with expertly crafted and botanically derived terpene blends for each product. The terpenes we use are some of the highest quality in the industry—we can say this because we use Abstrax Tech as our source.

Abstrax Tech is known for its high-quality terpene extraction and flavor distillation, and has a very transparent process by which they extract and formulate their flavors. The flavors we source from Abstrax Tech have been crafted from years of research and reverse engineering of the native cannabis plant and even have won some awards in past years.

Right now, we are selling our CBD Vape Pens in the following flavors: Coach’s Original, Strawberry Banana, Lemonberry, and Watermelon. Test the high-quality flavors for your self—we know you won’t be disappointed.


Benefits of Our CBD

For a discussion on how our CBD is being used to benefit athletes and other persons, check out our other blog post >>> CBD Benefits.


Legality of Our CBD

Worried about whether or not CBD is legal? Take a look at the Coach’s federal and state by state analysis to see if its legal to purchase and use in your state.


If you want to learn more about Abstrax and their flavoring, check out their site here. 


If you want to try our great tasting CBD vape pen products, you can buy below!

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