Coach's Slugger - Disposable CBD Vape Pen

Coach’s Slugger contains a proprietary formulation of CBD oil that is designed to help you get back onto the playing field and comes in four flavor varieties—Watermelon, Strawberry-Banana, Lemon-Berry, and our favorite, Coach’s Original.  Coach’s Slugger comes pre-charged and can be disposed of once it's finished “rounding the bases”.



- CBD Isolate

- Terpenes

- Triethyl Citrate


Why Use a Vape Pen for CBD:

Using a vape pen for CBD, whether it is reusable or a disposable vape pen such as our Coach’s Slugger, is one of the easier ways for a beginner to enjoy CBD and its related benefits.

In comparison to other products, a CBD consumed through a vape pen is more readably bioavailable than the other methods on the market. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits and effects of CBD in a faster manner. For example, edibles can take up to two hours to full the maximum benefits from CBD. The moment you vape some CBD, it enters your lungs and is absorbed into your system from there.

People are also turning to CBD vape pens as an healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes or even the now popular e-cigarettes. The CBD vape pen allows those smokers to get the same oral fixation they desired with cigarettes and e-cigarettes but comes without all of the nicotine and tobacco and is rather replaced with CBD which has many health benefits [insert article on health benefits for athletes]. While this is anecdotal evidence, those same persons have reported feeling lower amount of anxiety and stress when using CBD vape pens instead of trying to quit cigarettes and e-cigarettes cold turkey.

Finally, CBD vape pens are meant to be on-the-go products to keep up with your active lifestyle. They are small and slender and have a smell that is discreet—most of them smell pretty good! Another benefit with a disposable CBD vape pen like the Coach’s Slugger is that once you’ve run through all of the CBD in the pen, you can just throw it right away—that means no charging or making a mess when trying to refill the pen.

Can CBD Vape Pens be Refilled:

Some CBD vape pens can be refilled with others cannot—it depends on the type of CBD vape pen that you purchase.

There are fillable vape pens that allow you to pop the top and refill once you’ve run through all the CBD in the pen. However, with these fillable pens, you have to constantly recharge the battery to keep it going. The worst part is that a lot of the battery packs on these refillable pens are poorly made and will break after a while causing you to purchase a new one. This can get real expensive—constant turn over of battery packs is not cheap for anyone.

On the other side, there are disposable CBD vape pens such as our Coach’s Slugger. These pens come prefilled with our proprietary CBD oil formulation, charged, and ready to be vaped once they get into your hands. Once you’ve run through all of the CBD oil in the pen, you can throw these disposable pens away and never have to worry about them again. However, they don’t come without downsides. First is the possibility tha the disposable pen doesn’t come fully charged and dies before you can finish the pen—in this case, your out of luck. Second, once you finish the first disposable CBD vape pen, then you have to purchase a whole new one—so you better be ready to time your order correctly so that you don’t run out.

In the long run, we’ve noticed that disposable vape pens are cheaper for you, the end consumer, and is why we ultimately have released our product in a disposable CBD vape pen fashion.

So Why Choose Coach’s Slugger Over Our Competition:

Our CBD vape oil is made of high-quality material--Our CBD is distilled from industrial hemp farms in Northern California. This high quality CBD flower is processed into CBD isolate and thereafter mixed with botanically derived terpenes and triethyl citrate (better known as TEC).

We use TEC over MCT oil: The Coach’s use TEC instead of commonly used MCT oil to mix our CBD isolate with. The problem with MCT oil is that it breaks down when repeatedly heated and cooled causing it to form free-radical fatty acids not healthy to consume. The low stability of MCT oil can also cause unwanted chemical reactions which changes the flavor and experience. However, TEC is very stable and does not degrade from repeated heating and cooling. Additionally, TEC retains a higher amount of CBD in our vape oil solution compared to any other diluent (such as MCT oil). This means our vape oil products are the most stable and have the highest content of CBD when compared to our competitors.

We Derive our flavors from naturally occurring botanicals--The Coach’s flavor formulations are crafted from years of research and reverse engineering of the native cannabis plant and other naturally occurring botanicals. Our unique flavors come from natural terpenes extracted from cannabis and naturally occurring botanicals, which we then mix with our CBD and diluent to get to our final product.

The Coach’s Slugger is backed by cannabis cup award winning flavor chemists--One of the founding partners of Coach’s Reserve is an cannabis cup award winning flavor chemist who comes from Abstrax Tech—a southern California based flavor formulation lab. Each flavor we use is a proprietary mix created by Abstrax Tech that has been specially formulated for the Coach’s CBD pens—there are no other flavors like out on the market.


All products shown, sold, and distributed contain a THC concentration of not more than 0.3% or less on a dry weight basis in accordance with Section 297A(1) of the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 (7 U.S.C. 1621 eat seq.), as amended from time to time.

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